Brand Phases

PhasesDescriptionProductionRetailersStore Count

Brands at this stage have an idea they want to develop, are currently working on a product idea, or are actively developing a formulation. If you’re in this stage, you’re likely: • Brainstorming ways to create your amazing idea • Testing out different recipes in your kitchen • Going to food stores to check out similar products. • Making your recipe in your restaurant and serving it fresh to customers.

At home kitchen



Brands at this stage are selling at farmers markets, or restaurants making their products and looking into retail. If you’re in this stage, you’re likely: • Manufacturing in a local commercial kitchen • Testing out branding • Gathering feedback from customers • Connecting with retail locations • Opening up an online storefront

Commercial Kitchen

Local co-ops


Brands at this stage are beginning to build out local/regional sales through independent stores or regional chain. They are likely unable to keep up with production volume and are ready to move into (or have already moved into) a co-man.

Incubator, co-man

Small chains


Brands at this stage are growing rapidly. Expenses start to increase as they build out their team, and either switch co-mans to support increased capacity or add an additional line.


National retailers