Phase 0: Pre-Launch

Phase 0: Pre-Launch


Brands at this stage have an idea they want to develop, are currently working on a product idea, or are actively developing a formulation. If you’re in this stage, you’re likely: • Brainstorming ways to create your amazing idea • Testing out different recipes in your kitchen • Going to food stores to check out similar products. • Making your recipe in your restaurant and serving it fresh to customers.

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You’re at the start of a really exciting journey, and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

When you first decide to launch a food or beverage product, the amount of things you need to do can feel overwhelming. We’re hoping these resources can quell some of that overwhelm, and provide enough information to point you in the right direction for your next steps.

If you’re at this stage, you are not ready for a co-man just yet - there’s still a lot of development work you’ll need. But this is a great place to start!

1. Familiarize yourself with the Product Development Overview.

Having a strong and thorough product development period is paramount for a successful brand, and is what sets successful brands apart from those that fail. Rushing through this process will cost you much more in the long run, and it’s a long process - brands can take years to perfect their formulation.

Our Product Development Overview will take you step by step through the various elements you’ll need to complete before you can launch your product.

🧑🏼‍🍳Product Development Overview

2. Understand Co-man MOQs

This is one of the biggest gaps of understanding for brands who want to begin working with a co-man. Often volumes that feel really high for brands are barely touching a manufacturer’s minimum requirements. Having a better understanding not only of what the MOQ quantities look like but also why they are what they are will give you a target to aim for on your CPG journey.

🔢Production Volumes and MOQs

3. Industry tips

When brands first begin looking for a co-man, they often are frustrated with hiccups throughout the process. This is in large part due to the lack of understanding of the co-man’s side of things. While brands are looking for the perfect co-man, the reverse is also true. This article will give you some perspective on the co-man’s side of things, so you can better understand the process and connect with manufacturers.

🤫Co-man industry secrets

Once you’ve read these, go check out the rest of our resources, and if you feel as though anything is missing, just send an email to with the subject line “PS Academy” and let us know what you want more information on!