Phase 2: Emerging

Phase 2: Emerging

Brands at this stage are beginning to build out local/regional sales through independent stores or regional chain. They are likely unable to keep up with production volume and are ready to move into (or have already moved into) a co-man.
Store Count
Small chains
Incubator, co-man

You’re on a roll!

Now things are getting exciting.

If you’re at this stage and ready to move into a co-man, you are in the perfect place!

First, we want to make sure you’ve got all your important material in one place so you’re ready for your first co-man conversations. Here is our Document checklist

Then, review our Best Practices Guide before you create a listing to ensure you’ve conveyed all the important information to the co-man.

Here are some additional resources we feel might be helpful at this point:

Gluten Free Labeling & Certification
Gluten Free Labeling & Certification
Commercial Ingredients
Service Model: Turnkey vs Tolling in CPG contract manufacturing
Processing Glossary
Process Authority Letter
Product Velocity
Product Velocity