Phase 6: Maturing 🟒

Phase 6: Maturing 🟒


Brands at this stage are a household name, and in multi-outlet chains. At this point they may be acquired by large corporations if they aren’t interested in continuing growing themselves. They have multiple line extensions, and may even be self-producing in their own facility.

Store Count



Multi Outlet (MULO) - Club stores, C-stores, national chains


Multiple co-men, possibly self-produce

Maturing brands have achieved stability and longevity in the market. They have a well-established customer base, a diversified product portfolio, and a strong brand reputation. The focus shifts to sustaining profitability, managing mature product lines, and exploring opportunities for innovation or diversification. Maturing brands often become leaders in their categories, leveraging their established presence to influence industry trends and maintain a loyal customer following.

These brands have large networks of resources they rely on, both internally and externally, and they are constantly adding to those networks. While some of these brands have their own internal co-man lists, they will often use our database to find new co-mans for upcoming projects.