Phase 5: Scaling 🟢

Phase 5: Scaling 🟢


Brands at this stage feel established. They have a proven track record of success selling in national retailers, and they are starting to take bigger steps. They may be looking for new distributors, or starting another product line.

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Co-man (1-2+)

In the scaling stage, brands are experiencing significant growth and are expanding into new markets and distribution channels. They often secure additional funding for infrastructure, marketing, and product development. The focus is on maintaining the quality and consistency of products while meeting the increased demand. Brands in the scaling stage are refining their supply chain, optimizing operational efficiency, and strategically entering partnerships to support their ambitious growth plans.

Brands in this phase may be looking for a second contract manufacturer to support scaling. At this point, they likely have an established network of a product development team, distributor(s), retailers they work with regularly, and other team members. They likely have a product line with a few SKUs, and be looking to start another product line, either using their current network, or explore new connections if their new product line varies greatly from their first.