Phase 3: Emerging 🟡

Phase 3: Emerging 🟡


Brands at this stage are beginning to build out local/regional sales through independent stores or regional chain. They are likely unable to keep up with production volume and are ready to move into (or have already moved into) a co-man.

Store Count



Small chains


Incubator, co-man

You’re on a roll!

Now things are getting exciting. Emerging brands are beginning to build out sales avenues, and the to keep up production demand, have likely already moved into or are about to move into an incubator program, if not a co-man.

We touched on some of these resources in Phase 2, but here they are as a refresher.

  1. ✅ Co-Man Document Checklist

First, here are all the important materials you’ll need before you begin speaking with manufacturers. You’ll want to make sure you have this all in one place so you’re ready for your first co-man conversation.

  1. 🆕 Creating a Project on Marketplace - Best Practices Guide

Then, review our guide on creating a project on marketplace. It will walk you through what your project will look like to manufacturers, show you a video from our resident Food Scientist, and review our best practices to ensure you’ve conveyed all the important information to the co-man.