Phase 1: Pre-Launch 🟢

Phase 1: Pre-Launch 🟢

Brands at this stage have an idea they want to develop, are currently working on a product idea, or are actively developing a formulation. If you’re in this stage, you’re likely: • Brainstorming ways to create your amazing idea • Testing out different recipes in your kitchen • Going to food stores to check out similar products. • Making your recipe in your restaurant and serving it fresh to customers.
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You’re at the start of a really exciting journey, and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

When you first decide to launch a food or beverage product, the amount of things you need to do can feel overwhelming. We’re hoping these resources can quell some of that overwhelm, and provide enough information to point you in the right direction for your next steps.

First, you’ll start with product development.

Product Development / Product Creation

  1. 💡 Ideation: brainstorming your product
  2. 👪 Market Research: researching your target market and target audience
  3. 🧑‍🍳 Product Development: this is where you’ll create a a formulation (or start with a recipe and turn it into a formulation), then make different variations until you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. 👅 Sensory Analysis: this is where you’ll get feedback on your product.
  5. 🧃 Packaging: begin exploring what packaging options make sense for your product.

Once you’ve developed the first version of your product and gone through some sensory analysis, you may go back and repeat some or all of these steps. When you’ve settled on the version you want to launch, it’s time to figure out how to develop a Go-To-Market strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy

  1. What is a Go-To-Market Strategy: understand the basics of what you need to bring your product to launch.

Once you have your product and a Go-To-Market strategy, you’ll be at Phase 2, ready to launch your product!

Phase 2: Launch 🟢

One additional resource:

Contract manufacturers are one of the biggest gaps of understanding for brands who are new to the CPG industry, and some brands tend to get ahead of themselves and think that once they have a product, they can jump right into working with a co-man. This article will give you an understanding of volumes so as you work through product development and go-to-market strategy, you have an understanding of what you’re working towards.